Cross Creek maintains a large inventory of tropical plants at our 501 Courthouse Road Nursery for our customer’s special events. These include Trade Shows, Annual Meetings, Wedding Receptions, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Sales Meetings, and Holiday Parties.. In addition to the plant choices listed below, we also rent props including Garden Art & Accent Structures, plus we carry acres of trees and shrubs that often are rented for specific theme events.   .

Terms:  Rental cost covers a 3 day period and plants are delivered in decorative containers.   Lost or vandalized plants are charged at the retail price minus the rental cost.  Payment by credit card or check is due at time of the order.   Add 5.3% VA state sales tax to all quotes.   

Menu of Available Items:

Tall Accent Trees:
5-7′ Ficus Tree $29.50
5-7′ Ficus Tree with 200 clear lights and extension cords provided $39.50
5-6′ Palms (Areca & Majesty) $22.50
Medium Height Floor Plants:
3′ Blooming Peace Lily (Spathyphyllum) $14.50
3′ +Dracaena Varieties $14.50
3′ Dwarf Schefflera $14.50
3’+ Kimberly Queen Fern (floor plant) $14.50
Tabletop Plants & Hanging Baskets:
Boston Fern  (Hanging) $10.50
Peace Lily $9.50
Blooming Plants (Subject to seasonal availability):
Tropical Hibiscus $14.50
Tropical Oleander $14.50
Tropical Bougainvillea $24.50
Fruited Citrus Tree (Orange/Lemon/Lime) $24.50
Florist Mums (for purchase only) $10.95
Floral Arrangements:
Podium & Table Arrangements in many styles. Custom
Delivery, Set Up and Pick Up Charge: $60 Per Truck Load
Plant Rental Quote Request
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